Passport Renewal in Colorado

Passport Renewal in Colorado

For the majority of Colorado residents, getting a passport revival is really as easy as losing off a duplicate of the application together with required papers at the local post office. It is possible to renew your passport by post provided most of the after statements tend to be true:


You know in which your passport it is, and possesses maybe not already been damaged or mutilated.

You’re 16 yrs old or older whenever your current passport was given to you personally.

Your passport isn’t any more than fifteen years old.

In the event the title changed since your current passport ended up being given, you’ll be able to provide formal paperwork that supports title modification demand.


So long as you satisfy these qualifications, you’ll restore your passport by mail by delivering a copy of passport revival form DS-82, your current passport, 2 passport pictures and a look for the revival charge into the target from the application form. This will get you your passport in about 6 months if you pay for regular handling, and about 3 months if you pay an extra $ 60 for expedited processing through the division of State.


Let’s say you’ll need your new passport available more quickly? If regular expedited handling will not reduce it, you have two options: make an appointment on Colorado Passport Agency company in Aurora or make use of an exclusive passport expediting organization.


The passport agency workplace does not offer walk-ins, therefore to produce an appointment call 1-877-487-2778. Work is open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday, so you should be able to visit Aurora during those hours. Here is the passport company address:


Cherry Creek III

3151 South Vaughn Way, Suite 600

Aurora, CO 80014


Unless you stay near Aurora and you can’t manage to travel, or you work through the day and cannot get time down, a personal passport expediting company can offer a simpler plus convenient alternative.


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